Products | DynamicPolicy

DynamicPolicy Features:

Create and Update
Easy document creation using Web editor or MS Word. Standardized policies and procedures with templates. Customizable table of contents.
Review and approval stages. Comments and reminders support. Customizable workflows. Workgroups creation.
Publish policies and procedures to desired audience. Comprehensive Search capabilities. Version control and archival. Audience acknowledgement.
Quiz module. Create quizzes for desired policies and procedures. Set acceptable passing score per quiz. Measure understanding.
Track and Enforce
Measure compliance by user, by documents, by group and much more. Export reports to Excel for further analysis. Send reminders for new and existing documents.

Additional Features:

  • Personalized views.
  • Administration, security and log-in features.
  • Workflow creation, collaboration, approval and publishing cycles.
  • Wizards, table of content and templates.
  • User acceptance and Quiz Module.
  • Notifications via e-mail and alerts.
  • Confidentiality feature to restrict content to be seen by unauthorized parties.
  • LDAP/Active Directory support.
  • Support for industry standard file attachments.
  • Unlimited hierarchy structure to set up sections and documents in the table of content.
  • Powerful archival system to store all policies and procedures.
  • Support for English, Spanish, Portuguese and French interface.
  • Easy customization to reflect your corporate image.
  • Browse and search capabilities by text, title or document ID.
  • Policy-Procedure relationship links.
  • Reports and Audits.
  • History log provides policy audit trails.
  • Fast, integrated and reliable installation.
  • Third party content available on Human Resources, Information Technology, Infosec, Accounting and Administrative policies and procedures.