Solutions by Industry

Zequel's products and services are suitable for a wide range of industries and business applications. Whether you are a medium size business or Fortune 1000 company, our products can help you to automate the regulatory compliance by managing the complete cycle of development, collaboration, dissemination, training, acceptance and tracking of the corporate policies, standards and procedures.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Manage industry standard documents in a central repository archival system.
  • Create content and collaborate with different departments in multiple locations.
  • Deliver content to targeted audiences within your company. Either to specific employees, departments or all members in the organization.
  • Track acceptance and knowledge of corporate content in order to minimize potential legal liability.
  • Protect your policies and procedures from being read by unauthorized individuals.
  • Keep sensitive business communications confidential.

Zequel's DynamicPolicy provides a high degree of flexibility, ease of use, technology/infrastructure integration and control - making it ideal for managing policies and procedure both internally and outside your organization.

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