Managing large amounts of paper and information is a significant challenge for local, state and federal government institutions. Thanks to the e-Gov initiative, governmental bodies are now automating their processes to maximize the efficiency of their internal operations, as well as to serve citizens more efficiently. However, as new information becomes available daily and existing data bases get bigger by the minute, government institutions require higher level systems that will enable them to access, manage, publish, and track their documents, policies, procedures, processes, and any other electronic information needed to run their operations.

The challenge of managing vast amounts of data at government institutions underscores how critical it is that governmental organizations have a system that will enable them to:

  • Create content based on a best practice methodology.
  • Have multiple departments participate concurrently in the content development process.
  • Publish content electronically to all of their employees or to a specific department.
  • Train personnel using on-line quizzes to promote awareness and to measure understanding of policies and procedures.
  • Maintain records showing that employees have read and accepted the published policies and procedures.
  • Maintain history and audit trails for all published documents.
  • Archive documents electronically in a data base.
  • Manage documents in a centralized repository.

DynamicPolicy is an enterprise software application that can help maximize the time and resources of any government institution to effectively manage their policies and procedures electronically.

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