Protecting intellectual property, guarding the integrity of records, and maintaining the confidentiality of patient data is no longer a matter of keeping lips sealed and file cabinets secured.

Today's electronic information is under increasing threat of attack from hackers, disgruntled employees, and other perpetrators of security breaches.

Also, current federal laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), impose serious consequences on healthcare providers companies that fail to protect information stored in electronic databases and accessed across private or public networks.

DynamicPolicy can help meet your HIPAA requirements and controls to ensure:

Authenticity: DynamicPolicy supports LDAP (Active Directory) and Sun Service Directory to easily integrate with your user database to manage Authenticity.

Integrity: DynamicPolicy has an embedded SQL-compliant database that verifies and archives the integrity of each document stored.

Confidentiality: DynamicPolicy supports SSL running on an IIS web server to ensure encrypted transmission of data. In addition, the application has confidentiality options to publish documents to specific audiences only. Confidentiality can be controlled by individual and/or group permissions.

Authorization: DynamicPolicy controls authorization through permissions, which are usually given to the individuals who participate in the content development process and management of information. By default, the application provides users read-only permission.

Accuracy and Reliability: With DynamicPolicy's life cycle methodology, companies can ensure that each document passes through a stage of creation, review, approval and publication.

Audit Trails: Each policy, process, and procedure published with DynamicPolicy retains a complete history of the document, including dates and times, the document was created, reviewed, approved and published, as well as the names of authors, reviewers, approvers, publishers, and the target audience of the document.

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