The Challenge:

Today, manufacturers are supplementing their traditional business processes with Internet-enabled initiatives to improve communication with suppliers, speed new product introductions, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. To compete on a quality basis, it is often necessary to be ISO 9000 certified. With this quality control certification, companies also face the increased burden of ensuring their business processes are sufficiently documented.

How can companies document those processes in a way that allows them to:

  • Assign a policy owner responsible for creating the supporting documents and collaborating with management, as well as other departments.
  • Distribute supporting documents and assure that every employee understands and can effectively respond to different business situations
  • Track changes to documents as well as maintain audit trails identifying issuers, reviewers, approvers and owners.

The Solution:

DynamicPolicy helps manufacturers reap the time- and cost-savings benefits of creating and distributing policies and procedures electronically. DynamicPolicy enables manufacturing companies to:

  • Develop and maintain centralized, managed repositories of policies and procedures.
  • Designate business owners, reviewers, approvers and employees with specific responsibilities for policy creation, review, and approval.
  • Streamline the collection, compilation, review, approval, formatting, publishing, and distribution of compliance documentation.
  • Archive audit trails, and track user acceptance throughout the entire life of each document.
  • Maintain version control and track changes to each document.
  • Generate reports on user comprehension and interaction with ISO 9000 documentation.

We invite you to learn how your company can save time and resources during the process of managing your policies and procedures. Request a demonstration today!