Information Technology

The efficiency of a company's information technology depends directly on the individuals that implement, configure, troubleshoot and operate the technology infrastructure on a day-to-day basis. The company's policies and procedures are the foundation of efficient technology operations: for a company to have an effective information technology infrastructure, it must have technology, people and processes. Many companies focus only on acquiring technology such as firewalls, anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, etc., yet fail to implement products that ensure that their employees are fully aware of the company's policies and procedures regarding the operation of the technology. A study by IDC indicates that 68% of technology breaches occur from within the organization.

Furthermore, companies face a more competitive environment where information is instantaneous, customers are demanding, information security breaches are on the rise, employees' use and abuse of the Internet has increased, and management is faced with ever-increasing state and federal regulations. To deal with these issues requires that companies implement policies and procedures to properly inform employees of management's expectations, vision and objectives.

DynamicPolicy is a proven enterprise software solution that enables your company to:

  • Create content based on a best practice methodology including ISO 17799/27002 and ISO 27001.
  • Have multiple departments participate concurrently in the content development process.
  • Publish content electronically to all of their employees or to a specific department.
  • Train personnel using on-line quizzes to promote awareness and to measure understanding of policies and procedures.
  • Maintain records showing that employees have read and accepted the published policies and procedures.
  • Maintain history and audit trails for all published documents.
  • Archive documents electronically in a data base.
  • Manage documents in a centralized repository.

We invite you to learn how your company can save time and resources during the process of managing your policies and procedures. Request a demonstration today!